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Renlim leaflet labels offer an effective and efficient use of available space when you require extended on-pack information.

Single Use

This type of LeafletLabel has a perforated cut line as the method of opening the leaflet. Therefore once the leaflet has been exposed it will not reseal.


This type of LeafletLabel has an adhesive strip as its method of sealing the leaflet within the label and because of this, when the leaflet is used it can be returned to its closed form.

Information Required to Quote

  • What is the maximum size for the completed label?
  • Position and surface for the label to stick to
  • How much information is required on the leaflet inside the label?
  • Is the leaflet portion a ‘Single use’ requirement or ‘Resealable’?
  • Are graphics/pictures required?
  • How will the information be supplied for the leaflet?
  • Is the leaflet required to have detachable sections, i.e. coupons/vouchers/tear off’s?
  • Application temperature and storage i.e. room temperature and freezer
  • Overall quantities - especially multiple versions
  • Base material can be clear or white
  • Face Label can also be clear